West Point Spouses’ Club

The West Point Spouses’ Club was a special project that hit close to home for Mallory.

The WPSC is a non-profit organization located in West Point, NY, home to the United States Military Academy. Not only is Mallory’s husband a member of the Army, but he is also a graduate of West Point. 

While her husband was stationed back at West Point as an instructor, Mallory ended up joining the WPSC board as the head of publicity. 

As another way to give back to her Army family, Mallory built the WPSC website as a probono project. 

The previous site had a lot of issues and wasn’t set up well. It didn’t showcase truly what the WPSC did and was extremely complicated for new members to navigate. 

Thanks to Mallory, now they have an easy way to find new members as well as ways to showcase upcoming events, sell tickets, and even receive donations. 

We are so excited about this project and our ability to help out a truly deserving organization.

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