She Defined

I loved working with Julia from She Defined. She is an incredible woman with an amazing story that I just loved being a part of.

Julia, like many business owners I know, had a website that just wasn’t working for her.

She had had it built for her, but she didn’t know anything about how to actually make it work moving forward.

Though she’s pretty tech savvy, she had trouble navigating her site and didn’t have full access to may parts of it, including her hosting.

It isn’t uncommon for web designers/developers to offer hosting plans for their clients. It’s something that I’ve even considered in the past. The way that it was set up for Julia wasn’t great though.

Because of how the hosting was set up and controlled by the developer meant that Julia was never able to get into her hosting platform and do the things that she needed to do. All of that had to be taken care of by her developer and sometimes, unfortunately, that takes time.

She needed a better solution.

We got Julia set up with Siteground and now she has complete control over her hosting. She can take care of any pieces that she needs and I couldn’t be happier.

The Design

For Julia’s site, we weren’t adjusting any of the branding elements, we just needed to give her a better functioning website.
Julia is a business coach and consultant that travels around the world conducting speaking events geared towards helping female business owners break through the glass ceiling to seize their potential.
It’s an amazing thing that she’s doing.
Many people coming to her site though, didn’t know all of those things.
They didn’t know about her membership program, her courses, or how to hire her for events. We needed to change that.



I really wanted to simplify her design and let her content truly shine. We added a sales page for her membership program as well as a shop feature to allow people to purchase her membership, course, or even her book. 

We also added in an events calendar to help people to find out about her upcoming speaking events and workshops so that they can attend. 

I am very happy with how her site has turned out and I can’t wait to see where her business takes her. 

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