SEO or bust

Let’s face it, understanding search engines is tough. 

That doesn’t mean though that you should just ignore them. 

The type of traffic that you’ll be able to get from organic search results will be substantially better than anything you’ll get from social media. 

That’s because people finding you in a Google search result are actively looking for the solution to the problem that your content solves. 

This means that optimizing your site to rank better on Google should be the most important part of your marketing plan. 

The other amazing thing about organic traffic, is that it’s relatively consistent. It doesn’t ebb and flow quite like Pinterest and social media traffic will. 

It also has the added benefit of getting better over time as Google and the other search engines begin to trust your domain more and more. 

So, in an effort to make your search engine optimization (SEO) journey a bit easier, we’ve put together some resources to help you better understand what proper SEO is and how it can better benefit your business. 

It all starts with a solid foundation and great content. 

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