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I was so excited when Kristi reached out to me about designing her new website. 

She and I had worked together previously on a small SEO project, but this would be a whole new venture. 

She was starting her own business as a Business Manager and knew that she needed a website that would showcase not only who she is, but also what she can do for her clients. 

I was thrilled!

Kristi came to me with her branding mostly complete, but she was struggling a bit with the logo. 

She had hired a brand designer to put something together for her and it just didn’t work out. 

We were able to talk through the process and come up with something that truly worked for her and her business. 

From the fonts, to the colors, to the style, we wanted her website to be peaceful. She offers freedom and relaxation to her clients by helping them handle different tasks in their business, and we really wanted her website to instill that sense of calm from the get go. 

The light color palette and the soft gradient color changes really help to get that point across. 

We wanted people to feel calm and relaxed from the very beginning. 

I loved working with Kristi on her website and it is still one of my favorite designs. 

I love the simple elegance of her site. 

It just goes to show that not all websites need to be flashy to be beautiful. Sometimes they really don’t need to be. 

It all really depends on your business and what your audience will relate to the most. 

Some people respond better to big and flashy, while others prefer something a bit calmer. 

That’s why understanding your audience and your ideal client is so important for your business. 

You have done such a great job with my website. I knew what look I was going for, but I wasn't super clear on how I wanted it to look, and you have put something together that's really beautiful. I've been let down by a lot of people that I've hired for things so I'm always skeptical to hire anyone else, but I have full trust in you and your abilities! You've also been a great friend throughout this process, so I just want to say THANK YOU!
Kristi Bahgat
Business Manager

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