How to Rebrand Your Business Without Going Crazy

If this is the first time you’re stopping by our site (Hey! How are ya?), then you may not know our opinions about proper business branding yet. Let me sum it up.

Your brand is not your logo and color palette. Period.

Your brand is everything that your business represents to the world. It is who you are and what you do at the very core.

So considering going through a rebrand can be a difficult thing to consider. And figuring how to rebrand your business without alienating your target audience can be a bit tricky if you aren’t careful.

What Does it Mean to Rebrand a Company?

Simply put, rebranding a business is a marketing strategy, not in a sleazy, used car salesman kind of way. It is a way for a company to grow and evolve to better suit their audience.

Rebranding or even just a brand refresh can be something as simple as a name or design change, or as complicated as a full overhaul of your company’s message and ideals.

Whatever the case, it is not something to be taken lightly.

how to rebrand your business

Why Should You Rebrand Your Business?

Companies choose to rebrand for a variety of reasons. Many of which happen to do simply with outgrowing the old one.

Think about successful brands like Domino’s Pizza. They did a massive undertaking a few years ago where they not only completely updated all of their franchise establishments, but they also dropped the “pizza” from their name.

They realized that the market was growing and changing that they either needed to grow and change with it or they would be left in the dust.

Now, while they still make pizza, they’re also now known for their sandwiches, wings, and pastas.

Some companies will also go through a little marketing update based on what their customers are actually doing.

Look at Old Spice. It was consistently a very male dominated company until they realized that more than half of their men’s body washes were purchased by women.

After that, they changed things around to become more female friendly even though they still sold men’s products.

They saw an increase in website traffic of 300% and a 200% increase of sales and subscribers. Talk about a win! (Source)

Rebranding your business can make a huge difference in your business if you’re not attracting the right people with your current brand.

Benefits of Rebranding

Though rebranding your business can be tricky, the benefits can far outweigh the potential headache.

Connect with a New Audience

Is your current brand bringing in the right clients? If it isn’t then a rebrand may be in order to do just that.

You do want more clients and more readers, don’t you?

Set Yourself Apart

Sometimes the competition gets a little too tight. Set yourself apart from the crowd by changing up your business to focus on the market that really wants your products and services.

Stay Current

If your logo looks like it’s circa 1982, then you are going to have a lot of trouble attracting the right people to your business.

There’s a difference between traditional and old.

Stay up to date and with the times and your audience with a successful rebrand.

Reflect New Goals

If you’ve decided to take your business in a different direction, then your branding should represent that. Whether you’re offering new products, services, or have simply changed up your business goals, rebranding can help.

Rachael and I did that when we decided to partner up. We dug deep into who we wanted to work with and what specific services we wanted to offer and built our branding around that. 

It’s okay to change things up to represent what you truly enjoy doing.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Let’s face it, we’re all in business to make money. If a rebrand can bring you not only more clients but better clients, isn’t that worth it?

Steps to Rebrand a Business

While rebranding can be great for your business, it isn’t always easy.

What are Your Reasons

First and foremost, you need to consider the reasons why you want to rebrand your business and to what extent.

Are you just looking for a fresh color palette and logo, or are you struggling with not attracting the right audience to your business?

If the former, then you really just need a fresh take on things and not a full rebrand.

If the latter, then you need to think long and hard what the issue is right now with your current brand.

Are you offering services that you don’t want to offer anymore? Are you writing about topics you are no longer interested in?

What’s the reason why you want to change things up?

Figuring out that will make the whole process substantially easier.

Research Your Target Clients

Now that you know you want to rebrand, it’s time to find your clients.

You’ll need to know where your target audience is and what they want from you before you can really move forward. So, get out there and find them!

Are they on Instagram? Are they reading post on Pinterest? Are they hiding out at local libraries? Knowing who you’re talking to will go a long way in establishing your new brand.

Consider the Market and Your Competition

Once you know who your audience is, you should check out your competition.

What are they doing that’s working? What can you do that will set you apart?

Copying your competition will never solve your problems, but finding out what they’re doing right and wrong will.

Build a Brand Strategy

Remember when I said that your brand wasn’t just your color palette? I meant that.

Establishing a strong brand identity and determining your brand strategy will be huge for your business. If you don’t take care of these things in the beginning, you’re just going to be going through this process again in a year or two.

That doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Tread Carefully

Once you’ve decided that you want to do a full rebrand and you know how you want to do it, you have to start actually implementing the changes.

Just be careful with the process of changing things over. Your current audience will probably be thrown for a loop if all the sudden, out of nowhere, your website and social media profiles are all completely different.

If your current audience is your target audience, you don’t want to risk alienating them. Bad reviews on social media can haunt you. Don’t let that happen if you can help it.

Build Your Online Presence

Next is to start actually rolling out the new brand.

If possible, I’d suggest changing everything at the same time to make the process easier on you and on your audience. Otherwise it can just get confusing.

It may be a little hectic getting all of the pieces lined up just right, but once you do and everything gets launched at once, it’ll be smooth sailing.

How to Successfully Rebrand

The key to a successful rebrand is to prepare for potential issues.

Think about how your new messaging may affect your current audience and take the time to communicate with them.

Let your followers know that you’re going through a business rebrand because you’ve outgrown your current one, you’ve decided to offer different types of services, or simply that having the old business no longer brought you joy.

Whatever it happens to be, just let them know. Some people will appreciate it and follow you on your new adventures, and some people will stop following you.

That’s okay though. The people that leave aren’t your ideal audience anyway, so don’t worry about the numbers.

Is it Time for a Rebrand?

Many companies rebrand every 7-10 years. That isn’t the case for everyone though.

If you’ve begun to outgrow your current business’s look and feel, then it may be time to consider changing things up.

If figuring out how to rebrand your business is giving you the cold sweats just thinking about all of the things that need to happen, then feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to chat with you to see how we can make your brand truly represent you and your business.

Are you considering rebranding your business? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below or drop by the facebook group and tell us all about it.

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