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I was so excited to start working with Karen to update her website. She was a perfect example of a business owner that started with a site and the outgrew everything about it. 

She was ready for a whole new look and feel to her business. 

She offers premium digital marketing services, but her website and her brand didn’t show that. She needed a change. 

We worked together to update her branding to the classic, clean, and upscale look that she was going for. She also wanted something bold so we stuck with a darker color palette with that beautiful pop of gold to bring it to life. 

That, coupled with a modern style serif font and a beautiful signature script font made for a fantastic brand board. 

Once the branding was complete, we were able to begin working on her website. 

We gave the whole site a complete overhaul and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. 

She needed a place to showcase her services as well as a place to promote her course and her membership. We also wanted to show potential clients more of what she does and what kind of success she’s able to achieve for her clients, so a Case Studies page was a must. 

I loved working with Karen and I can’t wait to see where her business takes her. 



You've made this process so easy. I've heard horror stories about hiring branding and website designers, but this has been great. Thank you so much!
Karen Escobar
Golden Coast Marketing

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