Brad J. Whynot Electrical Services Ltd.

When Brad and I first spoke he was in the very beginning stages of launching his electrical services business. 

He knew in order to compete in the local market he had to have a presence online that would help him to not only stand out but to showcase how he was different from the competition.

He brought to the table lots of ideas and inspiration of what he wanted on his website, but wasn’t sure how to piece it all together. 

Some of the things that were most important to him were that the site be professional yet warm, showcase his personality and be easy enough for a senior citizen in the community to be able to navigate. 

It was also imperative that the design be easy enough for him to update on his own so that he could add new testimonials, project photos and details about local promotions as needed. 

I’m incredibly happy and humbled that he entrusted me to bring his ideas to life with a functional site that is easy to use, incorporates his personality and the warm yet professional hometown feel he was going for. 

Brad’s business has expanded very quickly and I’m so excited that he has a functional, professional website that will make it easier for even more future clients to find and contact him for his services. 

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