Balanced Body Manual Therapy

Launching a new business is exciting, but can also be incredibly overwhelming! 

When Melissa contacted me she was in the process of launching her business and had A LOT on her plate.

As a Physiotherapist specializing in manual therapy she knew a website was an important part of successfully marketing her business locally where there was a lot of competition. 

Not only did she need her website to explain to potential clients the benefits of her specialized services, but it also had to showcase the incredible results her existing clients had from working with her. 

As a one woman business it was also imperative that her site help to answer common questions, reducing the number of phone calls and emails she might otherwise receive. 

She also needed a site that could provide the capability to schedule appointments so she wasn’t being occupied by additional administrative tasks. 

We worked together to create a brand that was clean, professional and would help her business to stand out in a crowded local market. 

Melissa loves bold colors so we went with a color palette that was bold and energizing which paired well with the type of services she offers.

I am grateful to have been able to provide her with her new site and branding which helped Melissa to have the confidence and resources necessary to successfully launch her business.

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